Rentals FAQs

01 / How long is the rental period?

Rentals are available for 3 days weekday or weekend. If you’d like to extend your rental piece(s), please send me an email to inquire – an additional fee will apply for the extra days.

02 / When can I pick up my rental?

The Weekday: Monday pickup, Thursday dropoff
The Weekend: Thursday pickup, Sunday dropoff

03 / Can I rent a mirror to write on myself?

No, I am not a rental service. I prefer to offer my pieces to make it easier for my existing clients and therefore will only rent my items to clients who are also looking to hire my calligraphy services.

04 / Is cleaning included?

Yes! All pieces will be cleaned and re-calligraphed before your pickup date.

05 / I lost/damaged your item! What do I do now?

Accidents happen. In the event that an item is lost or broken, the client is responsible for loss or damage of items and will pay for the cost of replacement or repair (including the travel fee/shipping fees required to replace the lost/damaged item).

06 / What if I change my mind?

Once an item is booked, reductions to orders are not allowed at any point. I only have one of each piece, so once it’s booked I then have to turn away other clients who might have wanted it for the same weekend.

07 / What if my wedding gets postponed?

If your wedding or event has been postponed for any reason, I will see what I can do to change the date. I’m a reasonable person, so as long as another client has not requested it on your rental date, I will gladly change your rental date free of charge. If the item is booked for your new date, it will be treated as a cancellation and no refunds can be issued.