Murals + Menus

Murals are a fun and unique way to add personality and flair to your space. Whether it’s to add your branding elements in your retail space, freshen up the walls of your home, or to ensure your business is posted and tagged on social media, large scale artwork brings a one-of-a-kind design that is unique to you. Customers are heavily drawn to a business based on its aesthetic. Murals allow your community to interact with your business in person and on social media as they search the city for new hot spots to explore and snap photos in front of.

And menus are no different! They’re not just for function but play an important part in communicating your brand. Large-scale menus displayed behind the counter take it a step further by also acting as original artwork and a conversation piece.

Avi Drawing Storefront mural - Avi Scribbles - Calligraphy - Wedding Signage - Storefront artist - Wedding invitations Canada - Ottawa Ontario

What exactly is a mural?

Murals can be anything really. Any piece of artwork from your logo, to a pretty pattern, to hand lettered text accompanied by illustrations–there is no size limitation or content requirement. A mural is essentially a custom piece of art, blown up on a wall or window. I offer murals in a few mediums for various applications:

Interior and exterior walls tend to be hand painted with a more permanent paint (either acrylic or enamel depending on what the project calls for).

Window murals can be done in either enamel paint for a durable finish like a logo or store hours, or with a washable paint for seasonal offerings and decorations.

Restaurant Signage Menus Chalkboard - Avi Scribbles - Calligraphy - Wedding Signage - Storefront artist - Wedding invitations Canada - Ottawa Ontario

Let’s talk menus

This is for the restauranteurs, the bars, the coffee shops with a walk up counter–you need a killer menu. I say that with extreme confidence. Your menu in and of itself, is a mural. Why? It is a functional decor piece that your clients are directly interacting with.

If it’s illegible, too busy, or doesn’t make sense with your brand message it detracts from the overall experience. You wouldn’t sit your customers down at a table with a handwritten menu on a piece of printer paper, so why should wall menus be any different?

Draw your clients in, create a fun and visually pleasant ordering experience, add to your stunning interior, and thank me later.

Restaurant Signage Menus Chalkboard - Avi Scribbles - Calligraphy - Wedding Signage - Storefront artist - Wedding invitations Canada - Ottawa Ontario

The Investment

Every space is unique and brings its own list of challenges. Due to the many variables when it comes to murals (size, height off the ground, location, material of the surface, any irregularities or obstacles in the surface, obstructions, conditions the area may face, level of difficulty in accessing the mural space, the list goes on) a site visit or video tour to assess your space is mandatory before I can draw up your custom quote.

And guess what! I travel for murals too! Get in touch even if your space isn’t in Ottawa–let’s chat.

Ready to get creative? Let’s talk!

Mural FAQs

01/ How far in advance should I book a mural?

At a minimum, 2 months out. Due to the time-intensive nature of mural design and installation, I can only offer a handful of spots per month. Around the winter holidays, they fill up quick! Please reach out 2 months before your ideal installation date or sooner.

02/ Does it cost more for a mural with multiple colours?

Yes and no. There will be a slightly higher materials cost, but it does not affect the cost of the design or the install. You can paint with all the colours of the wind if you’d like.

03/ How long does a mural last?

Depends! If it’s a seasonal window, it’ll last until you don’t want it to. If it’s an interior or exterior wall, forever if you want it to. During the design process we will discuss in depth your longevity needs to ensure we use the correct materials, as well as the process of removing it when the time comes (*tears*)

04/ If there’s existing artwork or colour on the wall, should it be removed?

Yes please! I do not offer wall painting or cleaning services to prep the wall for the mural. If the design is small and is intended to lay on top of a pre-existing colour, you’re good to go! If you want the background of the wall to be a different colour than it already is, please make sure it is painted when I arrive. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask!